Kirby’s knows steak. So much so, we include it in the name, Kirby’s Steakhouse. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking Kirby’s focuses so much on steak that we don’t care for the other meal components.

Each of the 18 a la carte items printed on the menu are available every day and crafted to make the meal you eat a memory making experience.

You might think there’s no way to choose the right side since there are so many to choose from, but don’t fret.  The chefs and staff at Kirby’s are trained to help you choose the right combination, no matter what main dish you choose.

Pair your meal like a chef

Clarence Alexander, the chef at the Kirby’s Woodlands location, shared a few pro-tips to help you prepare for your next meal at Kirby’s.

“The first thing you decide is what the protein is going to be,” Alexander said. “If the steak is a fattier steak, you are going to want something green to go with it. It will help break up the richness of the protein.”

For instance, if you order a Prime “Cowboy Cut” ribeye steak there are several options from which to choose. For something green, you might choose grilled rosemary zucchini.Grilled rosemary zucchini on a white plate

Another green option could be the fresh broccoli. If broccoli isn’t an option you’re interested in, maybe you’ll like the fresh sautéed vegetables, fresh asparagus, or the creamed spinach. These green vegetable dishes increase the overall experience of your meal.

fresh broccoli on a white plate on a red tablecloth

“You would go with something richer as a side if you choose a less fatty steak,” Alexander said. “Choosing your protein can depend on the style of wine you are interested in or the season – but in the end, you’ll choose your side based on the richness of your protein.”

If you decide to pick the Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon, you could choose the French fries or the baked potato.

french fries in silver cup on a white plate on a red tablecloth


Another perfect side for a leaner protein pairing is one of Kirby’s signature macaroni and cheeses, which you will definitely want to try. Choose from the lobster, jalapeno, or traditional macaroni and cheese and your filet will have a wonderful partner.

a plate of macaroni and cheese topped with jalapeno and bacon slices

Side notes about sides

No matter what steak you decide to devour, we offer a wide variety of ways to spice up your main dish. To enhance the flavor at Kirby’s you can choose the Cognac Pepper sauce or the Roquefort sauce. “We also have the Cabernet poached mushrooms which will compliment any steak on our menu,” Alexander said.

Our chef is also fond of the Susie’s Famous Mashed Potatoes. “She adds sour cream and cream cheese to make them both rich and decadent,” Alexander said.

The last bit of advice from the chef is not to overlook the mushroom risotto. The Cabernet poaching liquid is added to the risotto and made for each individual order.

If you feel as though you could use some more practice pairing your sides with your steak of choice, let Kirby’s help you. Make a reservation at any one of the three Kirby’s locations today.


Kirbys Seafood Salad

kirbys chocolate cake - 1


Kirby’s Steakhouse Menu

Regular Menu Banquet Menu



Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Absolut Peppar Cocktail Sauce

Lobster Cargot
Oven Baked with Butter, Garlic and Lobster Cream Sauce

Oysters Ladybird
Pan Fried on Saffron Braised Leeks Topped with Béarnaise

Maryland Style Crab Cake
Oven-baked Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
With Sauce Beurre Blanc

Baked Herb Boursin Cheese
With Oven Roasted Garlic and Sourdough Crostini

Kirby’s Fried Asparagus
Topped with Jumbo Lump Crab and Béarnaise Sauce

Grilled Australian Lamb Chops
Peppered with a Button Mushroom Sauce

Grilled Tequila Shrimp
Lime Cilantro Sauce

Beef Carpaccio
Capers, Shallots, White Truffle Oil and a Dijon Cream Sauce

Snow Crab Claws
Served Cold with Absolut Peppar Cocktail Sauce or Hot Scampi Style

Traditional French Escargot

Potato Crusted Calamari

Fried Pickle Chips

Chef’s Seafood Appetizer Assortment
For 2 or for 4. Ask your server for details



Soup & Salad

Soup of the Day

Lobster Bisque

Beefsteak Tomato Salad (seasonal)
Red Onions, Bleu Cheese Crumbles and Vinaigrette

Bleu Cheese Wedge

Heirloom Caprese (seasonal)
Fresh Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomatoes, Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Caesar Salad
With Grilled Chicken or  Shrimp

Kirby’s Seafood Salad
Lump Crab, Shrimp, Hearts of Palm,
Artichoke Hearts, Tomato, Onion
Tossed in Kirby’s Garlic Dressing

Iceberg Lettuce, Granny Smith Apples, Walnuts,
Applewood Smoked Bacon, Red Onions,
Tossed with our Signature Blue Cheese Dressing

A la Carte

Sautéed Mushrooms
Fresh Sautéed Vegtables
Fresh Broccoli
Fresh Asparagus
Creamed Spinach
Grilled Rosemary Zucchini
Onion Rings
Creamed Corn
Au Gratin Potatoes

Susie’s Famous Mashed Potatoes
Baked Potato
French Fries
Fresh Sautéed Spinach
Traditional Mac n Cheese
Jalapeno Bacon Mac n Cheese
Lobster Mac n Cheese
Mushroom Risotto
Lobster Risotto



Steaks & Chops

Add to any steak: Jumbo Lump Crab Oscar, Chicken Fried Oysters Bearnaise, Lobster Scampi, or Shrimp – Blackened or Grilled

Prime “Cowboy Cut” Ribeye (22 oz.)

Prime New York Strip (16 oz.)

Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon (7 oz. or 10 oz.)
Center Cut of the Tenderloin

Pepper Steak (7 oz. or 10 oz.)
Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon Pressed in Cracked Peppercorns, Cognac Pepper Sauce

Roquefort Filet (7 oz. or 10 oz.)
Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon, Roquefort Sauce

Tournedos Béarnaise
Tenderloin Medallions, with Béarnaise Sauce

Tenderloin Tips Trio
Grilled and served withour Three Signature Sauces

Australian Rack of Lamb (14 oz.)
Pan Seared with a Shiitaki Mushroom Veal Demi Glace

Applewood Smoked Bacon Berkshire Pork Chop (12 oz.)
Brown Maple Butter




Grilled Redfish with Jumbo Lump Crab
Haricot Verts and Beurre Blanc

Pan Roasted Sea Bass
Lobster Risotto

Cedar Plank Salmon
Sauce Beurre Blanc

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna
Black Sesame Crusted Sashimi Grade Tuna

Australian Cold Water Lobster Tail

Alaskan King Crab Legs

Surf and Turf
Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon and Australian Lobster Tail

King and Turf
Blue Ribbon Filet Mignon and Alaskan King Crab Legs

Pasta & Chicken

Fettuccine Alfredo or Marinara
With Grilled Chicken or Shrimp

Chicken Florentine
Oven-baked Chicken Breast Stuffed with Sautéed Spinach and Mushrooms with a Button Mushroom Cream Sauce




Ask your server about Today’s Desserts