Wagyu and Wine Dinner

June is National Steakhouse Month and there’s no better place to celebrate it than at Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse at WinStar Casino! Most guests have come to know Kirby’s as a well respected restaurant specializing in all-natural prime steaks and specialty cuts from all around the world so it’s only fitting Kirby’s Steakhouse is your ultimate destination to celebrate a month dedicated to an industry devoted to the art of beef with an exclusive event!

Our culinary team has put together one of the best wine dinners yet! Join us for a once in a lifetime Wagyu & Wine Dinner experience on June 20th and enjoy the best beef in the world with five delectable courses all paired with luscious wines from some of the best wineries in the country! This limited seating event will deliver a Japanese style cuisine fused together with our own traditional flair. Our sommelier and culinary team will be on-site to provide you with knowledge about what makes each course a savored culinary treat. To view the full menu or to reserve your seating for this very special event please visit:


Tickets are $250 per person, all inclusive.

Can’t make it to the dinner? Kirby’s will still ensure you an incredible steakhouse experience!

Kirby’s is always proud to serve you a fantastic all-natural beef product. This prime beef is humanely & ethically raised with limited stress in an antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and additive-free environment. The cattle are pasture raised and ‘finished’ on 100% corn for an average of 150 days which yields an extremely tender, flavorful steak.

Whether you’re looking for something to tide over or feed the hungriest of appetites, we’ve got a cut of beef for you, offering a diverse selection of high quality cuts ranging from tender filet mignon to juicy rib eyes, flavorful strips & even mammoth sized tomahawks. You can find everything from wet & dry aged options as well as smoked steaks & Wagyu beef when you visit us at Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse!

Call us for reservations at 580.276.1484.